What is Machine in Hand?

"Handmade" has always been a bit of a misnomer. The reality is that we've been embracing tools and collaborating with our machines for thousands of years to create the world around us. As a weaver, I am an operator of and collaborator with looms. Together, with machine in hand, it is possible to create fabric from yarn and goods from fabric. 

Looms are timeless machines. Although some modern variations employ the aid of computers and electricity in their mechanization, the core technology has largely stayed the same since their inception. Though this technology may seem simple in a complex computer-driven world, the Jacquard loom's punch card system was actually the basis for binary code and, consequently, modern computing.

Machine in Hand currently uses two looms: a 4 shaft and an 8 shaft floor loom, completely manually operated.

Who is Machine in Hand?

Julia Wilson has been a weaver for over twelve years. She's fascinated by the details of cloth, both its production and its finish, and has worked extensively with textiles in the fashion, craft, and fine art worlds. Machine in Hand merges her experiences in these worlds through her own small scale handwoven production.